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Erasmus+ KA203 action – Strategic Partnership for higher education

Ad hoc

Accessible and Digitalized Cultural Heritage for persons with disabilities

15. 12. 2019 – 15. 12. 2022

The Erasmus+ project “Accessible and Digitalized Cultural Heritage”, financed as part of the KA203 action – Strategic Partnership for higher education has been initiat­ed as of December 2019. The project is coordinated by the Faculty of Philosophy at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, North Macedonia, and partners in the project are: University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia; University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Italy and the NGO Artifactory, Athens, Greece.

The project aims to create and share innovative practices in the digitalization of the cultural heritage and to promote its accessibility among the persons with dis­abilities. One of the project outputs is to generate a framework for creating new ap­proaches for producing accessible online materials in the area of cultural heritage for persons with disabilities, new curricula for online courses, as well as new open edu­cational resources (OER). The innovative value of the project lies in the accessibility of the OER and in developing increased compatibility with specific technology, easy connection with screen readers and voice-recognition software for visually impaired persons. Some of the artefacts that are interested in the wider population will be prepared on a 3D printer and swell touch machine. The tangible outcome of this out­put is the operational OER, which will contribute to a higher level of social inclusion for the disadvantaged learners in different types of activities (blogs, webinars, on-line discussion forums etc.).

The project results are expected to be incorporated within the framework of the high education offered by the participating institutions. This would mean that once planning and implementation are completed, it becomes a regular part of HEI, but at the same time, it will be open for use by other stakeholders, including museums, galleries, schools, etc.

Project leader: Faculty of Philosophy at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, North Macedonia - Prof. Viktor Lilcic Adams, PhD

Project partners:

University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia - Assoc. Prof. Martina Blečić Kavur, PhD

University of Rome “Tor Vergata” Italy - Assoc. Prof. Michele Angelaccio, PhD

NGO Artifactory, Athens, Greece - Dorothea Papathanasiou, PhD

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