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Designed to investigate current gaps in knowledge, it will demonstrate the cultural and technological heterogeneity in the period that is currently erroneously described as the major period of changes in the social and technological development of prehistoric societies. In the project, we will focus on the continuity of practices and the different tempos of specific changes, demonstrating that there was a much more complex process of transformation of societies between the Bronze and Early Iron Age. With the research, we will be able to address four groups of research questions:
- The question of principles and processes caused the spread of the Bronze and Iron Age cultural elements between northern Italy, the Alpine region, the broader Carpathian Basin and the western Balkans. What caused the circulation of items, raw materials and migration of people? Were responsible cultural, demographic, technological or environmental factors?
- The question of circulations of items and raw materials. When did technologies of production and rules of consumption change? Were these processes linked to changes in raw material production and procurement?
- The question of migrations of people and communities. Were there any major or minor migrations of people in the region? Can we observe direct correlations between migrations and changes in the circulations of items, raw materials and ideas?
- The question of cultural evolution, continuity, and variability on the discussed territory. What are the relations between changes and continuity in material culture, in raw material supplies, and the migrations of individuals or communities? Do they display clear connections?

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