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Bilateral Co-operation Slovenia - Montenegro

Cultural heritage in the network of creative industries 

2023 – 2025

The project aims to explore cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) as a common European identity, showing how the value of Europe's current and historical diversity is recognized in creating common narratives to be achieved through social cohesion. Cultural heritage raises questions that require constant reevaluation of relations in the current European political project.


The main goal of the project is to identify key research issues in the study of cultural heritage in Slovenia and Montenegro, which arise with the increase in the amount of networked data. These are key issues mainly in the field of studying tangible (archaeology, geography) and intangible cultural heritage (anthropology, linguistics) and their potential for transformative effects on society, especially in the field of cultural tourism. The second main goal of the project is to identify examples of good practices in Slovenia and Montenegro and the potential for transferring the results of cultural heritage research to the creative industries. Involving the latter contributes to society's and individuals' wellbeing, improves community cohesion, increases social cooperation, builds trust and dialogue, defines values and transmits knowledge between generations - and above all creates diverse and tolerant societies.

The Slovenian research group consists of experts in the study and promotion of cultural heritage and the Montenegrin research group of experts in cultural tourism and creative industries. Together they will define the potential of cultural heritage and good practices in its use in creative industries.

Project leader: Assoc. prof. dr. Boris Kavur & Assoc. prof. dr. Anđela Jakšić Stanojević

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